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Several trips were made up country precisely URD and CRD, in response to calls that came in for assistance, and also on special fact finding missions(survey). The Secretary General went on a two-day trek to donation skill developing and income generating materials to.

Bansang Junior Secondary School, Julangel Rural Development and Skills Training Centre and Kerr Al-Hassan Refugee Camp - Basse.

The trek provided a remarkable coincidence that yielded some important information and open doors for projects in the URD. The Secretary General paid a courtesy call at the Commissioner's office and held a short talk with the Commissioner, during which relevant community development issues were discussed with a focus on youths out of school, underprivileged girls, and women in need. This resulted in the consideration of the Mansajang Women's Gardening project as a starting point. Evaluation of the fencing project was done to the effect, and it is certain that the project will commence shortly. He also called on the commissioner - CRD where discussions were also held with development issues featuring prominently.

The YBK Farmers Wives Income generating programme presently under positive consideration, was born out of that trip.

Several other one-day trips were by the Secretary General and other member of the Trust's management to different parts of the country. Here, I will make a special reference to the trip made to Kolior and Bullock. The Administrator and the Senior Fund-Raiser were on the trip to Kolior, where sowing machines, carpentry tools and other income genrating material were donated to the Kolior Primary School. The two of them also with him on the trip to Bullock, which was a project assessment trip made in collaboration with the President's Award Scheme. Tools were later donated to the Bullock skill centre.

The Administrator made a three-day trek to Basse, Julangel, Bansang and Sankally Kunda, for an appraisal of ongoing projects, evaluation of the Fencing Project in Mansajang Kunda Basse, and assessment of the needs of the Falladou East Nursery School - Bansang. Some detailed reports on these trips are in our monthly reports.

The Secretary General traveled to Europe to finalize arrangements for the shipment of tools, equipments and other educational material materials to The Gambia. This resulted in the arrival of a container of educational materials, and tools & equipments intended for income generation schemes for the underprivileged girls and women groups. Another important reason for his trip was to update our donors with details on the activities of the Trust, and mobilize funds for the implementation of our projects.


Several meetings were held within the Trust and also with other organisations. The policy making body(Board of Directors) met on several occasions to formulate policies and make decisions that have certainly influenced the work of the Trust thus far. The Trust's.

committee members met at various times during the year, discussing very pertinent issues towards the achievement of the aim of the Trust, and recommending them to the Board of Directors for consideration and approval. Most of the current projects are the out come of both committee and Board meetings held during the period in review.

The Trust participated in programmes, workshop and other meeting organized by the NGO Affairs Office, TANGO and other institutions at various times. The latest meeting attended prior to this report was the one organized by TANGO for all NGOs to review the NGO.

Decree 81. The Trust participated in National Livestock Show organized by the Department of state for Agriculture, where we exhibited many items including products made by student from the some of the schools on our `Aid to Schools' programme. During the programme the vice president visited our stand, and she was quick to express that she was very much impressed by the work done by the schools through the Trust's assistance programme.

Among other activities worth mentioning, is visit to the Chinese Rice Field Day at Sapo and the opening of the Farm Training Centre at Jenoi, by the Indonesian Government. The visit to the Chinese Rice Field Day and the opening of the Farm Training Centre was in collaboration the Department of State for Agricultural Services, aimed at familiarizing the Trust with the activities of Agricultural development partners, and the existing needs in the Agricultural sector.

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