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Lollipop signs could be Gambia lifesavers

Lollipop signs could

be Gambia lifesavers

OUTDATED Essex school lollipop signs are on their way to the Gambia to help protect thousands of children.

The signs, which can no longer be used here following a European directive which requires symbols rather than words to be used, will be welcome in English-speaking Gambia.

Six signs were supplied for trial by the Gambia education department to assess their effectiveness. Now approved for use, all old-style lollipop signs from Essex can be supplied to the African country where there are around 200 schools on main roads.

Chairman of the county highways and transportation committee Ray Howard commented: "I am delighted that we are able to assist in this excellent undertaking.

"There is no more worthy cause than protecting children and it is very gratifying that we have the opportunity to help in this way, especially considering the number of children who will benefit."


The request for help came from the Kingfisher Trust, which specifically targets children by providing basic school equipment.

A trust spokesperson said they had personally seen children knocked down outside their own schools on the busy town roads in the Gambia

She said: "Some schools are 'wed three times a day, so it's like

laving three schools in one build- g. The number of children per pay, from one school alone, is more than 2,000 between the ages of three and 16.

"I am hoping that by introducing the lollipop sticks we can save some lives and stop some of these children from becoming disabled in the future."

Crucial — Ray Howard hands over old Essex school lollipop signs for Gambia

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