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Kingfisher Trust helps Flood Victims

by S.B. Danso

Kingfisher Trust, a charity Organisation in The Gambia, has donated second hand clothes and medicaments to The Gambia Red Cross Society (GRCS) recently for the use of the flood victims in BASSI:.

The donation followed an appeal in the Daily Observer letter column by the GRCS societies and individuals to help victims of the flood disaster in Busse.

Acknowledging receipt of the assistance Momodou Lamin Fye

secretary general, GRCS, said "over seven villages in the Upper River Division 425 Kilometers from Banjul were flooded as a of a heavy and continuous rain.

The Gambia Red Cross made an appeal for assistance in favour of the victims in the press.

The Kingfisher Trust responded by providing the above mentioned relief items."

Mr Fye expressed his profound gratitude and appreciation on behalf of he National Executive Committee of the GRCS and on behalf of the beneficiaries to the Kingfisher Trust and to those organisations, notably, the Boy Scouts of Britain and the Tools with a Mission, or efforts and time taken to gather such valuable materials

"I wish to give the assurance that these materials will without doubt be forwarded to the victims of the flood disaster," he concluded,

According to Simon B. Wezel, liaison and organising secretary of the Kingfisher Trust in The Gambia, this is the best way of helping. The victims need help and the appeal made by the Red Cross was timely."

Mr Wezel added: "We are here to help and we will make sure that we fulfil our obligations,"

The ceremony was also attended by Red Cross officials.

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