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HandyWheels Project a Kingfisher Trust initiative.


SUBJECT: HandyWheels.


The HandyWheels Project.

The implementation of this project is urgent in order to diffuse the looming crisis disabled individuals and the National Union of Disabled Youths (N.U.D.Y.) As well as the Gambia Physical Disabled Sports Association (G.P.D.S.A.) both now in partnership.

for the realization of the common good under the management of the HandyWheels Project. The Project seeks to combat the very tough economic conditions to keep body and soul together, which is the challenge of the disabled, worsened by the lack of either.

academic papers, work skills, that can fit them into the present saturated Labour Market. This gives rise to the establishment of this project to provide instant practical skill training under a do it yourself tutelage in line with the spirit of "Nothing about us without us" proclaimed by David Werner, Author of "Disabled Village Children".

The Project is the initiative of Kingfisher Trust, whose Aim is to support The Gambia, with the slogan " Help us to help Them - together we can do so much".

The Project is for the disabled. The membership of the partnership of which 90 % are youth with the potentials for participating collectively or individually in an income generating project. The HandyWheels project seeks funding for its project.

The project management have at their disposal the vast experiences of a Team of Advisors.

Project Implementation:.

The project will be implemented in phases.

Phase 1:.

Construction of the workshop. This has alreedy been done.

Kingfisher Trust has renovated part of the property they rent at Kairaba Avenue for this project and has offered the space free of rent and also pay the Electricity for the first 6 months. They are looking for sponsorship for an area to be concreted and covered with a canopy to keep out either the rain or the strong sunshine.

Phase 2:.

Training of workshop personnel and provision of hand tools for the workshop. Both Mr Jatta and Mr Colley have worked for two years on a German Sponsored program, which was stopped when the Sponsor finished their two year.

project making tricycles in The Gambia. They can now start training disabled Youths in their work, but with their vast experiences also many other related skills. Tools and Machinery.

At present Kingfisher Trust has supplied a large collection of Hand tools donated by the "Tools with a Mission" a charity in the United Kingdom for the project. However the project will also need special machinery, specially for metal work engineering and a Generator.

Donors - Sponsors.

The project will be looking for sponsors or organizations who could lend or give these items to the project. The present setup is such that we can start the project in a small way, without these items and the help of some volunteers, but they will be needed to make a success .

Phase 3:.

The final phase of the project would be a project manager who would take care of the entire management of the project to ensure its sustain ability. This is what is needed now. Mr Ba Trawally a retired head master has offered to act as interim manager, on a completely voluntary basis for the next few months to get the program going.

Offer of Container Wheelchair Parts.

We have received an offer of a Container full of wheelchair parts for refurbishment from the "InsideOut Trust" in the United Kingdom, who supply the Prison workshops in the UK, with the same goods to give the prison inmates a chance to have Job experience. We hope to get sponsorship for the transport of the container from one of the Rotary Clubs in the UK, who have been approached by the InsideOut Trust.

Project Justification.

The need to have in place this project is obvious. Not only will the project provide employment, generate income, and avail the disabled the opportunity to learn skills but it will also make them feel part of this society. Also having such a magnificent Project in place will reduce the worry of repairing damaged wheelchairs and provide opportunity of assessing wheelchairs at a cheaper rate.

Project Description.

The project will require a Technical Project Manager for a 1 or 2 year period As a start we will employ 2 Disabled Persons, who will be working at the workshop. Kingfisher Trust had the opportunity to engage 2 qualified technicians, one is Mr Jatta, Mechanical Engineer, with a grade 7 on the Gambian salary scale and Mr Colley, Welder and Engineer, with grade 6 on the salary scale, both have been offered a 1 year contract from Kingfisher Trust, made possible due to a Large Donation from a young person from Denmark, Mr Hans Christian Jacobsen(His wish was to help the less fortunate) (money received from the sale of the Sunshine tour 12 seater Van) Both Mr Jatta and Mr Colley had worked for two years on a German Sponsored program, which was stopped when the Sponsor finished their two year project making tricycles in The Gambia.

Project Location.

Workshop at the rear of Kingfisher Trust, 6 Kairaba Avenue, SERREKUNDA.

Project Objectives.

The objectives of this project are to:.

! A Reactivate a workshop to produce wheelchairs in collaboration with Social Welfare.

! B Train the disabled youth with the skills of designing, repairing and assembling of wheelchairs.

C To train some disabled youths from all around the country with the view of opening offices and workshops all over the country, to unite the.

disabled in the membership of the partnership of the two organisations. The workshops are to be used for simple repair and assembly of wheelchairs.

D To collaborate with other institutions like the Department of Health and Social Welfare, GOVI, GAPD etc.

! E Make available Wheelchairs at a speedy and cheap rate.

! F Provide good and proper Management for the entire Project. ! G Design and produce Racing Wheelchairs for the disabled. GOALS:.

! A To be exporting racing wheelchairs to the other parts of the African Continent for the benefit of the disabled.

! B To put in place a good management team that will comprise of the National Union of Disabled Youths (N.U.D.Y.) As well as the Gambia Physical Disabled Sports Association (G.P.D.S.A.), after the phasing out of the Project manager.


Project cost.

! 1 As at now, about D150,000 have been spent on the project. This includes the rehabilitation of the workshop, provision of the workshop tools and the provision of some wheel chair parts. (See ** in the budget).

! 2 About D5,000 would be paid each month to the two workshop staff. Kingfisher Trust will pay these wages for 12 months from the 1st August 03 (See **** in the budget).

! 3 The salary for the project manager is expected to be paid by a sponsor. Therefore no definite cost can be stipulated. (See ***** in the budget).

! 4 Production material (See *** in the budget).

To create a workshop to repair, assemble Wheelchairs, and as income generating revenue make racing wheelchairs for export to the African Continent and possible other items such as two wheel trolleys and other goods that could be sold on a non profit basis. The repair of the wheelchairs will be free of charge for labour only, except the cost of new parts. The other wheelchairs will be offered to Social Welfare for a nominal sum.

Project Sustain ability plan:.

The project is expected to sustain it self, if a good manager is available. This will take the following format:.

! 1 Fundraising by Kingfisher Trust through advertising revenue on their yellow pages website, 90% of which would go to charity, with the HandyWheels project on top of their list.

! 2 Monies collected from the repair and sale of the Wheelchairs would be recycled to sustain the project.

! 3 100% of charity money collected for the project will be given to the project.

Monitoring and Evaluation.

Sound management would be put in place headed by a project manager for the purpose of monitoring and evaluation. Also Kingfisher Trust Board will be an added input to ensure that all required is available at all times.

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