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Businessman quits job to take charity to Gambia

Businessman quits job to

take charity to Gambia

A BUSINESSMAN who fought a bitter immigration battle to get his adopted Gambian son to the UK is to quit England.

Dutch-born Simon Wezel, of Braintree, is moving to the tiny West African nation to set up home and expand charitable work for the poverty stricken population.

The 62-year-old has taken early retirement from Witham haulage firm Continental Thomas. Boers after lining up a home in Serrakunda, The Gambia.

Mr Wezel successfully took on the might of the Home Office immigration department five years ago to get schoolboy Sisawo Jobarteh into the UK. The youngster has since successfully completed a private education.

He said the move to Africa had not met with any British-style red tape.

"You are accepted out there," he said

Mr Wezel aims to use his new base to further the work of The Kingfisher Trust, the charity he established to help improve conditions in The Gambia.

Container loads of aid including medicines, school and hospital equipment and office furniture, have already been sent.

He is now hoping to get the trust. recognised as a Non-Governmental Organisation, paving the way to grants and link ups with groups like Red Cross and Action Aid.

"It is really rewarding work. If we get NGO status it basically gives us a better chance to work together with the Red Cross and Action Aid and the European Development Fund.

"It should come through very soon," he said.

The latest initiative involves a link up with Witham firm Essex Optical which is offering eyesight testing equipment to the trust. It has also donated hundreds of old spectacles to help beat eye problems affecting thousands of Gambians.

Mr Wezel has pledged to return to the UK twice a year to maintain links with schools and other organisations involved in the trust.

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