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The fact that the action plans will be produced by the villagers and not imposed on them from outside, might prove to be the most reliable predictor of the programme's success. When carried out effectively, the Sustainable Livelihood Approach can indeed be a foundational drive toward a sustainable human development.

Julangle Skill Centre*
Printed and donated by Kingfisher Trust

receipt from Julangel Skill Centre

receipt from Julangel Skill Centre





21st December 1995.



I acknowledge in receipt of the tools and equipments donated to the Julangel Skilll Training Centro.

Please be informed that you are now not only known to be Julangel Skilll Centre's best friend but one of outstanding NGO donor to the Julangel Skilll Centre.

Mr. Simon you have positively responded to our request in time as this section could not have been operational now if you have not donated the equipment,

May I asure you that the equipments and tool.s donated would help a long way in enhansing the typing section's training activities. This gift is the fifth of its kind since the inception of the training centre in 1996.

Mr. Simon, your unntiring efford and strong commitment in suplimenting government efford in the advancement of The Gambian people in particularly the youths in a very sustainable manner (mddiaition of skill) could not be over-emphasized.

My department is fully assured of your kindly assistance and service that you rendered at the Julangel Skilll Centre.

Directorate of Technical Education and Vocational Training


Directorate of Technical Education and Vocational Training


I have been informed by Mr. Edrissa Colley, Acting Principal, Rural Skill Centre.
Mansakonko about the valuable assistance of Kingfisher Trust has provided through your humble self and good offices for the benefit of the Julangel Skill Centre in the Upper River Division (URD) I am aware that the provision of 12 typewriters, books and automotive tools is the latest among five donations you have already made to the centre.

A major concern to Government is youth underemployment and unemployment of which lack of skills and low skill levels particularly in the rural areas of the country has a negative impact on the socio-economic development process. In addressing the situation, Government endeavors to provide technical and vocational skill training opportunities for the youth. in order to improve their chances of their employability has been greatly enhance by your contribution

On behalf of Government, the Principal, Staff and Students of Julangell Skill Centre and on my own behalf, I take this opportunity to convey to you and your organization our sincere gratitude.

I look forward to your continued collaboration and support in future. Please accept the assurance of my highest regards..

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