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The first donation was on the 23' September 1998 when we donated the first traffic control signs for school children crossing the road. The signs were given to the Bakau Primary School for the safety of the pupils. These signs are in use with nearly all the schools in the UK, and this is the first time that they are in use in The Gambia. The signs are very distinctive and should help oncoming drivers that they are coming to a school crossing and should give way to the children crossing.

Most of the other schools that benefited form the assistance programme of the Trust include, Campama Primary School - Banjul, which was donated with tools and other materials, Jessadi Primary School which was assisted with TV & Video set and a generator, to name but a few.

Numerous other schools and institutions have received assistance from the Trust this year. And while several projects are yet pending, the Trust is working on ways and means of raising the required funds to implement most these projects. At the moment we are not only reaching out to the needy, but we are getting them involved in the development of their communities and thus working toward a sustainable development.


This programme was initiated with the motive of investing in the lives of women and youth which we believe to the fastest catalyst to community development. Our focus on them in the past twelve months and even beyond was based on our belief that aid to them will be crucial to the development of their communities. Hence donation to the following groups, with several others awaiting consideration.


The Trusted assisted this group in many ways. At the very beginning of their work, the Trust assisted them with sewing machine for basic training and income generating purposes. with which they are doing very well, and today this group is among the most vibrant youth.

organisations in the country. The Trust designed and printed the National Directory of Youth Organisations in The Gambia, which was published by the group.


The Board of Directors approved a proposal to pull out of the Niamina Diary Project and donate everything the trust has there, to the Women's Group which is expected to takeover the affairs of the Diary in the very near future. With the approval made, should the plan work as proposed, the assistance will be a real booster for the activities of these women. Approval was also made to start an income generation scheme for the Farmer's Wives at Yorro Baldeh Kunda. The machines for this scheme are here and the project is likely to commence shortly.


As a part of the Trust's humanitarian programme, in the February 1998 the Trust responded to an appeal made by Sierra Leone refugees residing at the Kerr Al-Hassan refugee Camp in the Upper River Division of the Gambia. The refugees were assisted with sewing.

machines and carpentry tools for basic training and income generating purposes. The items were received by the Anglican Mission Refugee Unit Consultant in Basse, and at that it was said that the refugee desperately needed something to do for a living. Following the donation of these items the office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in The Gambia recognised the charitable activities of the Trust and commended it for the assistance rendered.

The Gambia Press Union and The Gambia Red Cross Society were also assisted during the period in review. The materials donated to the Union included books and paintings which were presented the Union's headquarter in Fajara. Among other things donated to The Gambia Red Cross Society were second hand clothes which were geared toward the furtherance of the humanitarian activities of the Society

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