The Free Internet Cafe for the Blind & Visually Impaired, the first in the whole of Africa, which opens the World Wide Web, making The Gambia a leading light in Africa, with this technology by allowing free and total access to surf the net send and receive emails and for students to enhace their studies with the aid of this pioneering software. No more do they need to rely on a third party to read to them newspapers, magazines, books, letters and world wide information. - Basse Santa Su - Upper River Division

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Basse Santa Su - Upper River Division, is almost as far as you can go in the country and it is due east on the end of the main tarmac road heading straight for central Africa. Being so far from the capital, the effects of materialism, and the trappings of commercialism do not really exist here. The present condition of some of the old government structures are bad state of repair and there is an area near the ferry, where in the olden times there where many shops and business but trade has ceased. The structures are old buildings that have become dilapidated due to lack of resources to maintain them. With corporation from the government authorities, the Trust hopes to renovate the place and bring tools/equipments so that many youths can improve their skills and earn a living. This project has been designed to provide working aid for youngsters graduating from Skill Training, who are unemployed and have little or no access to tools/equipments with which start working for a living. These youngsters will be given access to tools & equipments at one of the Centres established for that purpose, where they can work to save money for themselves, at the same time training other disadvantaged youths of the community. With the help of volunteers from the Gambian members of "The Friends of Kingfisher Trust", and with financial help from sponsors in Europe, we hope to renovate the area in the years to come.


Without a proper fence, the produce of the gardens will attract unwanted visitors: goats, cow, rabbits, playing kids and even thieves. To make a proper fence should be the first thing done. Apart from work, it take poles, wire and chicken wire or coarser fencing material. The cost of this considerable. The contribution of the project Instruction Team is their experience in the setup of a strong fence as cheap as possible. It asked by any women's group, a loan may be made available by the project to cover this cost. Refunding of this cost may be coupled with the productivity of the Garden. The women's group will be instructed in the upkeep of the fence and the strengthening of it with the planting of thorny shrubs.


With gardening project of women groups as an example, the project instruction team will offer to local for similar approach. An evident advantage of school centered gardening is that the pupil can be trained in the basics of gardening and can apply what they learnt immediately at home. However. care has to be taken to make sure that the schoolteachers get the proper training as well as the instruction materials to make it possible that the children do the actual work. The care of the gardening should not be weighed to heavily on their shoulders.

Finance for the plot, the water pumps and the fencing materials may need to be organized in a different way. The project will se to it that the needed additional funds will be raised in due time.

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