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Our Aim is to Support the Smiling Coast

Our Aim Is To Support The
Smiling Coast -
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by Y.M. Chant

Mr. Simon B. Wezel, the founder and coordinator of the Kingfisher Trust, has said that their slogan for the new millennium' is giving Kingfisher Trust a much better way of helping The Gambia, saying that any school or organisation has the right to request for items they want which they in turn will try and help, based on request.

Mr. Simon made this statement on Monday during the presentation of 50 wheelchairs to the Social Welfare, the Association for the physically disabled and the Red Cross.

He said that giving support would be their main aim not only during the start of their project but also in the future. "Our own plans are to be more rural- based and to open an office and classrooms to teach Electric, Plumbing and Diesel Engine

maintenance and repairs in Yuna Village."

He also emphasized that if this village project is successful they will do another project in a village in the North Bank and in the CRD.

Mr. Simon also revealed their special project for 2000 and 2005 to be as follows: In Yuna village in the Kombo North, there are provision of carpentry, metal and garage workshops for the male populations and the females would be benifitting from vegetable gardening, tye and dye and soap making.

He said the projects, which will be run by the local community association as well as additional poultry keeping and sheep fattening the main aim of which projects would be to create work and revenue for the community.

Present at the presentation ceremony were Mr. Bai Cham of the Gambia PhysicallyDisabled, Mr. Karamo Keita of the Social Welfare and Mr. Amadou A. Barry, Secretary- General of the Kingfisher Trust.

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