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Presentation at Jessadi

Kingfisher Trust, a non-government registered charity organisation in The Gambia, has donated sewing machines and materials to three villages in Niamina, MacCarthy Island Division.

The villages, Wellingara Ello, Jessadi and Medina Njugary, received sewing machines, uniforms and materials over the weekend in the presence of chief Samba Ngado Ceesay of Dankunku.

According to Simon B. Wezel, the Trust Liason officer and organising secretary, the machines will help the women to learn sewing and generate income for themselves.

Mr. Wezel added that his Trust is aware of problem encountered by rural people especially women and children. This vulnerable group, he explained, deserves every possible help and that the Trust will continue to help them as that is the only way to improve their lot.

Mr. Wezel explained that their activities in The Gambia are mainly centred in the rural areas where they teach and train people in self-employed skills, to stem the tide of the rural urban migration.

Kingfisher Trust Helps

Jessadi School

Kingfisher Trust presented furniture and educational materials to Jessadi school in Niamina District of MacCarthy Island Division.

Commenting on the gifts, Simon B. Wezet of Kingfisher Trust, said the furniture and the materials were shipped to The Gambia recently and assembled locally. Mr. Wezel added that some of the materials they take for granted in the U.K. can be of great help to developing countries. He further revealed that his organisation is here to stay despite the change of government last year. "We do not mind who is ruling in as much as we have a chance to operate and our materials reached the needy', he commented.

Mr. Wezel said countries like The Gambia really deserve help since the people are friendly and appreciate the help given. Since there is no civil war-or unrest, aid to developing countries should not be diverted to trouble countries where warlords block or delay the distribution of aid, Mr. Wezet

l averred.

He thanked Rushnoor School and William Nicholson and Laura for assisting his Trust during the past months. "Without their support", he said, "our efforts to help the needy may be delayed." Mr. Wezel also presented a horse cast ambulance to the people of Jessadi which would help transport the sick and pregnant women in that area. According to Batch S. Jallow, the horse cart and materials would go a long way to improve the living conditions of Niamina people. Chief Samba Ngado Ceesay expressed delight for the help Kingfisher is giving the people of Niamina. Infact, Chief Ceesay has written a letter to Kingfisher Trust for possible cooperation between them and the Trust.

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