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Kingfisher Trust send more aid to The Gambia

Kingfisher Trust Sends

More Aid To The Gambia

Despite recent allegations by Mr. Terry Palmer, The Kingfisher Trust, a registered charity in The Gambia and operating in the UK, has sent another consignment of aids to The Gambia.

The consignment in three pallets is leaving Thamespoit in the UK, by KARAWA v472 and is expected to arrive in The Gambia about September 8.

It is for Beyang Yirwa Kafo Rangeland & Livestock Management in Niamina Dankunku, Division.

The consignment include tools, compre sor- outfit, saw-bench,

metal cutter & grinder, materials to build five horse cart ambulances, dexion steel and timber for making school furniture. The materials are valued at about Two Thousand, Five Hundred Pound Sterling, equivalent to Thirty-seven Thousand Five Hundred Dalasi (37,500).

By sending it to the Ka fo, the Trust is helping the community by giving them work which would help the other schools with furniture and other agricultural projects in the area.

It is rather touching that a decade of good work in The Gambia,

Terry Palmer, former chairman of the Trust in the UK, went on attacking the Trust by making allegations to tarnish our image or reputation. Despite his position in the Trust, Mr. Palmer was only active in writing press releases for the Trust and hardly did any manual or practical work for it during his tenure of office.

However the Bansang Hospital Appeal was successful due mainly to the participation of Anita Smith and who did all the fund raising, and Simon Wezel who helped with shipping the materials to Bansang.

The Point Monday 25 August 1995

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