The Free Internet Cafe for the Blind & Visually Impaired, the first in the whole of Africa, which opens the World Wide Web, making The Gambia a leading light in Africa, with this technology by allowing free and total access to surf the net send and receive emails and for students to enhace their studies with the aid of this pioneering software. No more do they need to rely on a third party to read to them newspapers, magazines, books, letters and world wide information. - Friends of Kingfisher Trust Library Scheme

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The Friends of Kingfisher Trust.

Upon Wendy Alder's return to England in June 1998 she attempted to register Kingfisher Trust with the charities commission in London. This application in principle was turned down, but only because of the name Kingfisher Trust, after long discussion it was possible to accept the name "The Friends of Kingfisher Trust" if this was important to use Kingfisher Trust in the title. Because the UK has 28 Kingfishers and 1 Kingfisher Trust registered as charities. We there for have to use The Friends of Kingfisher Trust for England or we will be breaking the law there. It would be of great advantage to register there. The only draw back which can be overcome easily being all moneys i.e. the cards, etc. collected here or there must be paid into the UK Bank. We as The Friends of Kingfisher Trust can then purchase items for shipment, cover shipment cost, pay part of the administration for production of cards and vouchers, we can also release cash for purchases in The Gambia, i.e. fencing and other materials needed for any of the projects we be helping with.

Any further information can be obtained from The Friends of Kingfisher Trust.

The Friends of Kingfisher Trust membership and other promotional cards.

Was established as the friendship arm of the Trust, with aim geared toward a nation-wide link with people who may be interested in the activities of Kingfisher Trust, and who would like to offer assistance of any kind. Getting ordinary members of the community involved in the development activities of the respective communities is the rationale behind Friends of Kingfisher Trust, and through it we believe that the voluntary contribution of certain.

individuals will to a certain animate their underprivileged brothers. Becoming a friend of Kingfisher Trust entitles him/her to certain privileges and also makes him/her a player in development.

The Friends of Kingfisher Trust Library Project.

The first category of membership is directed at students, professional classes and other members of the community, and this is obtained by a Membership Card at a registration fee at very minimal cost. This will above other thing, grant them the privilege to borrow books from the Library Scheme at anytime and anywhere within the country. This one-time registration is a life membership that guarantees the borrowing of books from the Library for as long as the wish. This particular membership is open to people form all walks of life.

A minimum of 50 persons from any part of the country should apply before it is feasible to establish a small library in their community. The membership fee for students is 10 dalasis, and 25 dalasis for adults. The launching of the Scheme is presently on the way, with books reedy for distribution.

The other category is for the incoming tourists. The membership of an incoming tourist will entitle him/her to the possession of a Privilege Card that guarantees discount on the use of certain facilities in the Tourist Development Area, including supermarkets, restaurants, etc.

In a bid to promote this category of membership to incoming tourists, the Trust sought and got the permission of the management of the Banjul International Airport to place to the Friends of Kingfisher Trust brochures at strategic places in the Arrival and Departure area of the Airport. This is a viable step toward the promotion of the work of the Trust in this country, and also a viable way of getting tourist involved in the work the Trust is doing.

The third category of Friends of Kingfisher Trust is for the higher classes of citizens and non citizens, of men and women in The Gambia and abroad, who believe in our vision, and therefore would like to sympathize with the noble cause of the Trust. In this category, a registered member is offered a Prestigious Executive Gold Card that also entitles him to certain facilities, and will include a holiday draw.

Members from all three categories will be encouraged to offer voluntary services toward the development of their communities through the Trust. The services will vary, we alreedy have several offers on different subjects, details of it will be circulated soon.

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