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The Traffic Lights Hole Gone

The Traffic Lights Hole Gone

We must thank Simon Wezel for coming out again to help us as he has been doing with his organization Kingfisher Trust.

Our friend and colleague A A Barry would not contradict us when we say that Simon is always there when the Police and us need him.

You know I am talking about the hole not Belafonte's hole in the bucket but the one on the bitumised Kairaba Avenue next to the Traffic Lights. We are talking about the one that drivers face after Jumping out of the lights. The thing is gone and really gone.It all began when the Police at Kanifing Mobile discussed the issue of the hole with Simon. As soon as the conversation ended, Simon went for the last time to see the hole before

figuring out how to tackle it. He saw like us the branch, shall we say the olive branch that saved our tyres and cars from skidding into the wilderness all these past nights. But the branches and other temporal if not hourly protective 'covers' were uncalled-for on this important artery of our road network. And something needed to be done about it.

We wonder how all of us could just look the other way when`jumping' the hole as he drive from the Shell end of the traffic lights.

Simon with the support of the Mobile people and in particular ASP Demba Sowe has covered the hole not with a branch or a stick or leaves but with a hard and concrete metal plate that has now done the job.

No more worries for drivers on Kairaba Avenue.

We say Bravo Simon for the plate and to the Police for their administrative and logistical support.

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