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Beyang Yirwa Kafo workshop project


Beyang Yirwa Kafo goods received

The Kingfisher Trust-Gambia, yesterday donated a van to the diary plant in Niamina Dankunku, so as to help revive the operations of the plant. A cheque for D.10,000 to restart production was • also donated to the Gambia Co-operative Union, which is overseeing the plant.

IN making the presentation at its Headquarters at Kairaba Avenue, the founder of the Trust, Simon Wezel said the assistance given is to help revive production at the plant in Dankunku, which had ceased for years now.


In receiving the van, he National .Assembly member for Niamina Dankunku, Hassan Jallow,. ;said in 1994, the Trust donated horse-can ambulances to the people of the area, and 1995 sewing machines and other tools.

The Trust has also built a skilIs centre were school furniture and farming tools are being fabricated. He thanked Mr Wezel for the gesture and proinised that the gift will be used properly.

In accepting the cheque, the General Manager of the GCU, Demba Bah, said the. gesture was proof that the 'Trust is interested in grass roots development.

On the same occasion, the Trust donated tools to the Julangel and Tanji skills centres

The organisation also donated curtains and a stand for a TV camera to the Gambia Television.

The Kingfisher Trust is a charitable organisation founded in the Gambia by Mr Wez.el, a Dutch,Natinal in 1994.

It is involved in promoting village self-sufficiency through literacy; and skills development,

The 'Trust recently sent one Anminata Sawaneh of Sukuta, to the United kingdom for plastic surgery, She had a defect in her ear.

Training dropouts in typing skills, operating a mini eye clinic, a carpentry workshop, typing pool, computer room and a big library, for the use of those who could not afford such facilities, are some of the facilities at its Kairaba Avenue headquarters.

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