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Kingfisher Trust donates to URD schools and clinics

Alhaji Ismaila Susso

The Britain-based phianthropic organisation, Kingfisher Trust, donated consignment of materials and equipment to the Lipper River Division recently.

by Lang K. Kinteh

Alhaji Ismaila Susso, assistant field co-ordinator Df the Upper River Divisional Integrated proaramme (URDIP), informed the Assistant Commissioner that he had contacted the Kingfisher Trust in an effort to obtain help for the URDIP VISA-(Village

Initiative Support Assistance) supported schools and health programmes to improve existing facilities.

Mr. Susso revealed that the Trust has donated school and clinic materials and equipment in a philanthropic spirit to help improve the educational and health facilities. The contents of the package include 13 sets of books on various subjects for both primary and secondary schools; a medical examining bed; a double-deck trolley with dressing equipment such as forceps and scissors; wash-hand basins; a box of clinical flasks; and two microscopes.

Materials such as planes, saws, trays and vices were donated to the Julangel Skills Centre, which was also built under the VISA Programme at a cost of about D300,000.

According to Mr. Susso, three sets of the books that contain science, biology, physics and chemistry texts would be given to St. George's Middle School in Basse, while three sets of primary school books would be given to Sabi ward, three sets to Jimara ward, two sets to Kantora West ward, one set to Kularr ward and one set to Sandu West. The medical and health materials are for the Basse Major Health Centre and Sabi health facility.

Demba Jawo, who deputised at the handing-over ceremony for the Regional Education Officer for URD, said that the donations were timely to help strengthen or set up libraries at schools.

The Assistant Commissioner, Dawa Jatta, thanked Mr. Susso for this progressive initiative, especially in trying to make the Julangel Skills Centre operational.

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