The Free Internet Cafe for the Blind & Visually Impaired, the first in the whole of Africa, which opens the World Wide Web, making The Gambia a leading light in Africa, with this technology by allowing free and total access to surf the net send and receive emails and for students to enhace their studies with the aid of this pioneering software. No more do they need to rely on a third party to read to them newspapers, magazines, books, letters and world wide information. - 25 Years "Kingfisher Trust"

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Is not only to work for Gambians, but to work with them and other Aid Organizations to promote village self sufficiency through literacy and skill development, and the at the same time encouraging a healthier standard of living.


We believe that a link is missing between rural life in this part of the world and that of development. This "Missing Link" is what kingfisher defines as what is needed to start a process of self -reliant development, but that the local community cannot in reason provide for themselves.

We at Kingfisher also consider the `Missing link' as the ever increasing gap between the rich and the poor which is severely handicapping local communities from making productive use of their human resources, and thus undermining almost all community development efforts. We believe that the only way foreign aid can help develop the lives of people living in rural communities is by creating a link between their own local initiatives and that of western development methods. Tools like sewing machines, carpentry tools, etc., can be viable to the effect. Our policy therefore is to work hand in hand with our target groups, training them to develop there own initiatives and allowing them to do the job required for such development. This is evident in the steps we have taken in given sewing machines to rural women who are learning the trade of tailoring and making a living out of it, the carpentry tools we have given to groups that are currently progressing with it. We have women, children and youths as our target, with a special preference to underprivileged girls. This is why we are doing a lot with schools, skill centres and women groups(Kafoos). Because of our community focus, we have maintained a policy of not rendering assistance in individual basis.

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