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On the road with vital hospital aid


On the road with vital hospital aid 

A TWENTY foot container carrying vital aid to hospitals worth thousands of pounds is on its way to The Gambia, thanks to a Witham charity.

This is the fifth container load sent by the Kingfisher Trust, founded by Simon Wezel of Dunoon Close, Braintree, just two years ago.

Mr Wezel, managing director of Thomas Boers transit company of East Way Industrial Park, Witham, set up the charity to make sure people got the help they really needed.

The current container load will cost £2,000 to ship to The Gambia.

It contains equipment worth tens of thousands of pounds to set up clinics in remote bush areas where

people cannot get to hospital, medicine, syringes, hospital curtains and the parts to build three horse drawn ambulances.

It also has a hospital mortuary on board that was not needed any longer in Britain.

The Kingfisher Trust is now building a four classroom training centre near

the Gambian coast.

Kingfisher particularly wants spent laser cartridges — it can sell them — surplus books, especially those suitable for teenagers, manual typewriters, old sewing machines, and spare tools for any trade.

Anybody who can help can contact Simon Wezel on 01376 502014.

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