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The Kingfisher Trust was set up in 1980's by Simon Wezel after he had visited The Gambia on holiday. Moved with compassion by the poverty he witnessed,  he resolved to find a way of assisting those who had no means with which to help themselves.

Starting with few resources, he encouraged organizations and friends in the UK to donate goods and equipment which he then shipped to The Gambia and distributed to those most in need.

After travelling to and fro between the UK and The Gambia for 14 years, he decided to reside permanently in The Gambia and thus expand the organization.

Over the years tangible results of the Trust's effort began to emerge, and more people began to become involved. Links were set up with donors in Europe, all of whom were willing to assist this developing nation.

My first trip up (or as some people will say down) country, with a stop in Bansang and a 3 day visit to Sabi, gave me a real know how about the country and I still have special feeling for Bansang and Sabi.

I met Bakary Jobarteh while on holiday in The Gambia and met also his family. In 1985 a year later I managed to get him a job at Action Aid. In the following years he made really use of the opportunity and saved his money and build up his family's compound, During the next 10 years it also became the place where I stayed when in The Gambia, This was also the start a the charity work. He is now married with two children.

He also stayed with me for six months and achieved nine London and City Guilds exam successes in computing.After Bakary it was a carpenter with help of given tools, a photographer with a camera.

Also meeting Sisawo Jobarteh, a cousin of Bakary in 1986, who's father had died the year he got born and then in late 1986 he became an orphan when his mother also died, I tried to help him with his schooling and after an other year became his legal guardian. He came to England in 1988 and went to school in Tiptree, Essex

 In 1991 Sisawo Jobarteh went on holiday to Sweden, to visit his old school pal, from his school days in The Gambia. On his return he was refused entry in the United Kingdom and was accused of falsifying his passport.

This was the start of a long legal battle with the British Home Office. I managed to get him into Holland, my home country, and with one of Holland's top lawyers we took the case to the European courts in Strasbourg and Luxemburg. Hundred of letters where send to all important people, asking for help

 Tremendous help from the head of Thurstable School where "Sis" (as he was called in Europe) was for two years

Even the Queen was asked for help, but it was the media and especially the team from BBC Look East TV, who really got the publicity that was needed.

"it's so good to be back", that were the headlines on the front page of the Evening Gazette. BBC TV went to Holland especially to record the return of Sisawo Jobarteh, who spend 7 months in a school in Holland.

The main start of Kingfisher Trust was the Aminata Story

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