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The responses from beneficiaries of our development programme during this period was very high, and from the vast majority of them, we were able to learnt that assessing the needs of the people and getting them involved in their own work can be the most efficient way of developing them. Several letters of acknowledgment were received from beneficiaries expressing their profound gratitude for the aid their communities received from the Trust.


As mentioned earlier in the introduction, the nature of the problems facing the average rural village dweller required the development of new programming strategies in helping them to solve their diverse problems, taking into consideration the `Missing Link' which we are working to create. Hence the need for the following projects:.

Project  (Gardening and Sewing).

We considered this project to be a fundamental step toward village self-sufficiency, and if well implemented with the full cooperation of the village women themselves, it is certain that it will lead to a more extensive system of support for the average village women who are the breedwinners for the family. Through the project's focus on women, we expect to see the entire communities begin to improve, even as individual families improve. Through this project, we look forward to the day when a family will be able to live a self-reliant life. Having easy access to water in the dry season for their gardening activities is the aim of this project, and this will also involve the supply of sewing machines to most of these women. Surveys and evaluations were completed at the time of this report.

Assistance for this project is crucial in achieving the desired goal, and making it sustainable. This will require support from government in prioritizing women development programmes, and also the support of donors in investing their resources in women development.programme. Suffice to say that it involves money. When this project works, it can provide sustainable livelihoods that can set in motion an engine for development that is powered by the community, mostly women


The active role played by the Trust in animating sports in the Manduar Community culminated in the renaming of the Village's football team after the Trust. The name of team Club was changed from 'Black Scorpions' to `Kingfisher Football Club'. The decision was reached at a general meeting where the members unanimously decided on doing so, with an official notifying the Trust to the effect. This was received with delight, and the trust has promised to continue its support. And plans are presently on the way for a coach from England to spend two weeks with the team in basic coaching.


Agreement was reached for the use of the front office of the Trust's headquarter for an Animal Care Centre. The Centre will licensed by the Department of Livestock Services, with a qualified veterinarian employed for the services. The service is considered to be a source of income for meeting part of our administrative cost, and also rendering a meaningful service to the community. This is said to be in collaboration with Department of Livestock Service of the Ministry of Agricultural services.

This has also allowed us to offer some help with offering to pay the cost of a correspondence course in Business Administration for our Administrator, who works for us as a volunteer.

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