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Break In and Theft causes NGO's collapse

Omar Bah - alleged theft mastermind

Kingfisher Trust suspends operation

The Kingfisher Trust Fund, which describes itself as a non-political and non-sectarian enterprise, has announced that it was temporarily suspending its operations as a result of a theft of its equipment worth D118, 000 by a beneficiary of its scholarship scheme.

One Omar Bah a scholarship beneficiary of the Fund (not The Independent reporter) is alleged to have been the mastermind and has reportedly absconded to the United States.

We reproduce a press release from the Fund to the effect of closing down temporarily as a direct aftermath of the alleged theft. Kingfisher Trust wishes to inform the general public and its partners in The Gambia that it is temporally postponing its activities and operations in the country until further notice.

Reason for this unpredictable and unfortunately circumstance is due to some theft and malpractices done by Mr. Omar Bah, who for the last eight years has been sponsored by Kingfisher Trust. Kingfisher Trust in this instance has been responsible for his entire schooling, accommodation and sponsorship through a Business Management Training course at GTT1, paying his fees, transport and also monthly allowance as pocket money and incidental expenses. Unfortunately during the month of August, while its founder and Coordinator of the Support Unit of Kingfisher Trust was in the United Kingdom and Holland on an official trip to provide feedback to the Kingfisher Trust Partners in Europe and negotiate a new .packet of assistance for the beneficiaries in The Gambia for the period 2002-2003, Mr. Omar Bah masterminded in collaboration with his brothers a break into the store and offices of Kingfisher Trust, at Kairaba Avenue. Mr. Omar Bah was able to get away with materials and equipment worth 118,710.00 Dalasis, all the materials and equipment were at the time packed, awaiting the return of the Founder and Coordinator of the Support Unit for distribution to the beneficiaries mainly in the Rural Areas.

Kingfisher Trust at the moment is awaiting advice from its partners in Europe on what' the next step Kingfisher Trust the Gambia should take in terms of its future support and activities.

The police are assisting in the investigation pertaining to this ti unfortunate act. Mr. Omar Bah up to this theft was housed byl, Kingfisher Trust at its Head-' quarters at Kairaba Avenue.

After committing this unfortunate act he managed to obtain' a visa and fled to the United States of America, before the' return of the Founder and co-ordinator of the support unit from his European trip.

Mr Omar Bah originated from Nioro Jatta Ba, Lower River Division.


Unique Solutions The Internet Café has offered to act as a reception for telephone calls and also to handle the key of the Kingfisher Trust office so that N.A.Y.C.0 (National Association of Youth and Children  Organisation and the UNESCO club can still use our office

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