The Free Internet Cafe for the Blind & Visually Impaired, the first in the whole of Africa, which opens the World Wide Web, making The Gambia a leading light in Africa, with this technology by allowing free and total access to surf the net send and receive emails and for students to enhace their studies with the aid of this pioneering software. No more do they need to rely on a third party to read to them newspapers, magazines, books, letters and world wide information. - Abuko • Dept.of Agriculture

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TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN, On behalf of the Department of State for Agriculture:


On behalf of the Department of State for Agriculture and staff of Department of Agricultural Services I like to extent sincere gratitude and appreciation of the King Fisher Trust Assistance for our farming community We understand that the trust here assisted In the area of Gardening, and other activities.

We believe that the Trust is one of the key NGOs who are working in partnership with Government for socio-economic development. We sincerely commend their efforts to improve living standards of the farming community

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