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19 million Dalsis worth metal equipment fo St.Therese's Junior Secondary School

By Biram SaidyBah

St. Therese

Junior Secondary School in Kanifing recently received metal work equipment worth D19 million from Kingfisher Trust-the Gambia.

Kingfisher Trust - The Gambia is a charitable organisation founded in The Gambia in the early 80's with no political and sectarian affiliation.

In presenting the gift, Simon B. Wazel Secretary General for the Trust told audience that they the gift was the organisation's largest donation to bid farewell to1999.

Mr. Simon disclosed that the worth of engineering machine is valued at around l million Pound sterling and that Rotary Club Venlo, Maas and Peel in Holland assisted his organisation in bringing the machine to the country. He expressed delight to hand over such an equipment to the school not only because St. Therese is their next door neighbor but because of the central location of the school. He described the location of the school as `very adaptable and because of its position, it could be a college in the near future'. He was also hopeful that the donation would play a part in the future progress of Gambian youths.

Giving a word of appreciation, on behalf of the Bishop and the Education secretariat, Emil Kujabi asserted that such a gesture symbolises a clear manifestation of Kingfisher Trust's readiness to meet the socio-economic challenges of The Gambia in a more practical way.

He said as the new millennium dawns the revised education policy of 1998-2003 has the reorientation and improvement of the curricula. This he said is at all levels with special focus on Science and Technology. In the same vein he mentioned the improvement of teaching facilities as core policy priorities and objectives to improving learning outcomes. Mr. Kujab also promised that his secretariat would keep on `eagle's eye' on the usage and maintenance of these equipment.

Mr. William Kubaji principal of the school thanked the donors for the valuable gift and assured them that the machines would be put to good use since it was his school's objective to give their students a balanced curriculum.

On that note he said, the students will acquire both academic and technical education in order to face the challenges of self-reliance. This he is convinced would help them to be independent of white colour jobs.

Speaking to The Independent the school's head girl said that with the advent of .the machines work lessons would be more effective and will create fund raising ventures for the school. She also promised that her colleagues would take good care of the equipment since it is an opportunity that is unique to her school.

Speaking to The Independent, Samuel Kai Jarju a metal worker of the school, disclosed that having used the same brand of machines at G.T.T.I he was impressed to have it at the school. He hoped that the school administration would maintain them.

Other speakers included Dawda Faye, vice principal and Patrick Mendy who gave an opening prayer.

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